Esther (2022) Sermon Series

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  • Date: Every Sunday until June 19, 2022
  • Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm
  • Coordinator: Ron Haygood
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Welcome to the only book in the Bible where God is not mentioned, where apparently God is absent. If we are honest, we often wrestle with this same reality in our lives. It seems sometimes that God is absent, hiding, asleep. But the amazing narrative of Esther reveals that God is most powerfully and lovingly present when He appears most absent. Through stunning reversals and ordinary people, Esther reveals the reality of God’s loving and sometimes hidden providence: God is always at work for the good of His people and His glory.

Esther: The Providence of God When He Seems to be Absent

Esther Sermon Outline Guide

Week/Sermon Title/Scripture

1 When God Seems Absent (Esther 1:1-22)
2 The Divine Conspiracy Advances (Esther 2:1-23)
3 A Threatened People (Esther 3:1-15)
4 The Crucible of Decision (Esther 4:1-17)
5 The God-ward and Self-ward Life in Contrast (Esther 5:1-14)
6 The Beauty of God’s Providence (Esther 6:1-14)
7 When God’s Justice Confronts Human Evil (Esther 7:1-10)
8 As God’s Kingdom Advances, God’s Rule is Realized (Esther 8:1-17)
9 The Tables are Turned (Esther 9-10)